Ms. nº 1027 [Cod. Or. 608-8] University of Cambridge Library, Cambridge (Brockelmann, 1937-1942: S I, 903)
A Summary of Ibn al-‘Awwām

“An abridgement of the Kitāb al-Falāḥa (“Book of Agriculture”) of Ibn al-‘Awwām al-Andalusī, who flourished in the first half of the twelfth century of the Christian era. See Brockelmann, I, p. 494. The MS. was bought in Constantine (Algeria) in April 1905 by Khalīl Khālid, formerly Turkish lecturer at the University of Cambridge. It is dated 1269/1853. It is written in a maghrebī script, and contains 60 folios of 21.7 x 16.3 c., each with 21 lines.”  

(E. G. Browne (1922). A Supplementary Hand-List of the Muhammadan Manuscripts, Including All Those Written in the Arabic Character, Preserved in the Libraries of the University and Colleges of Cambridge. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press).