The Tunis Edition of Miscellaneous Andalusi Agricultural Texts

This edition lacks a specific date but we think it was made about the same time as the Fez Edition (1357/1938). The author’s name, as it appears on the cover, is Ibn al-Ṣawwām al-Andalusī, and is elaborated on page 3 as Abū ‘Abd Allāh Muḥammad Ibn al-Ṣawwām al-Andalusī. The title on the cover is Kitāb mukhtaar al-filāa al-ifrīqiya, but inside the book (p. 36) it appears as Kitāb mukhtaar al-filāa ‘alà ’l-kamāl wa ’l-tamām. The editor is given as shaykh ‘Alī al-Shannūfī, a scholar of the Zaytūna Mosque in Tunis, who writes a prologue to the edition and adds notes on some agricultural terms.

Evidently the name of the author has been altered (due to the multiple steps involved in the transmission of the texts). It seems to be a mixture of the kunya and ism of Ibn Baṣṣāl and Al-Ṭighnarī and the distorted nasab of Ibn al-‘Awwām. Besides this, there is the erroneous attribution of Henri Pérès’ who sees in this name an alias (together with that of Abū ’l-Qāsim b. ‘Abbās al-Nahrāwī) of Ibn Ḥajjāj al-Ishbīlī. Doubtless this conclusion was reached due to the fact that this Tunisian edition is very similar to the codices associated with Ibn Ḥajjāj’s name. However these similarities really correspond to the folios pertaining to Ibn Wāfid, not Ibn Ḥajjāj, so we believe that this is a summarized and altered copy of the Majmū fī ’l-filāḥa of the Toledan agronomist.

This copy [of Ibn Wāfid], from pp. 6 - 51 in the Tunis edition, is followed by a final chapter (pp. 51-56) containing an agricultural calendar. Even though this could be supposed to be a continuation of Ibn Wāfid’s text, which also contains a calendar, we found that there are no similarities between them. Neither does this calendar belong to any other Andalusian agronomical work. Therefore we have come to the conclusion that this final chapter takes its information from an unknown work, or one that it is still unpublished, and that it probably belongs to the same geographical zone [North Africa] and period as the edition at hand.

(translated from Carabaza Bravo, J. M. & García Sánchez, E. (1998). ‘Códices Misceláneos de Agronomía Andalusí’. Al‑Qantara 19, pp. 411-412).