Filāḥa Texts Network Directory

Name: Aishah Abdallah
Role/Position: wilderness leader, environmental educator
Institution: IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) Commission on Education and Communication
Place & Country: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Expertise/Interest(s): wilderness leadership, environmental education, wilderness leadership, environmental education and interpretation, ecological ethics of Islam, ethnobotany, ethnobiology, and bioregional study of Islamic cultures in Arabia, Central Asia, and Central / West Africa, especially Bornu / Lake Chad Region
Current work: In progress: Wilderness Leadership Curriculum for the Arabian Peninsula. Published: “A Process to Establish Traditional Himas as Community Conserved Areas: Essential Skills Required” Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, 2014; “In Jabal Aja” (with O. Llewellyn) in The Face of the Earth by SueEllen Campbell, et al. University of California Press, 2011.
Name: Dr. Philip Ackerman-Lieberman
Role/Position: Assistant Professor
Institution: Vanderbilt University
Place & Country: Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Expertise/Interest(s): Organization of commerce and trade; non-Muslims in Islamic lands.
Current work: Exploring urbanization in Iraq in the first Islamic centuries and the corresponding demographic and commercial shift to the West.
Name: Khaerul Anam Alhabshee
Role/Position: Director
Institution: Bumi Langit Institute
Place & Country: Imogiri, Indonesia
Expertise/Interest(s): Muslim permaculturist and farmers
Current work: Director of Bumi Langit Institute
Name: Aun Hasan Ali
Role/Position: PhD candidate
Institution: Institute of Islamic Studies, McGill University
Place & Country: Montreal, Canada
Expertise/Interest(s): The history of Twelver Shiism in medieval Iraq.
Name: Dr Mario Aliphat
Role/Position: Professor
Institution: Colegio de Postgraduados
Place & Country: Mexico
Expertise/Interest(s): Traditional agriculture Ancient agriculture
Current work: Homegardens and cacao groves of the Mayan peoples.
Name: Noor Al-Islam
Role/Position: translator, survival knowledges student, Raqi (Ruqiya)
Place & Country: Malaysia
Expertise/Interest(s): Deen first of all, languages, Arabic Fusha, survival skills, Ruqiyah practitioner
Current work: Free scheduled, including agriculture
Name: Dr. Ghazi Al Nakshabandi
Role/Position: Consultant, Bio-Resource Engineering
Place & Country: Vancouver, Canada
Expertise/Interest(s): Water management; Soil Physics, Irrigation and Drainage of Agricultural Lands
Current work: Consultant in the field of water management and land reclamation
Name: Shikhali Aliyev
Role/Position: PHD candidate
Institution: Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS), Institute of Philosophy and Political-Legal Researches
Place & Country: Azerbaijan
Expertise/Interest(s): Arabic language and history, oriental manuscripts, Islamic philosophy
Current work: the perfect man in Islamic philosophy (early centuries)
Name: Juan Estevan Arellano
Role/Position: Writer-Researcher
Place & Country: Embudo, New Mexico-United States
Expertise/Interest(s): Doing research related to the acequias in Spain, Mexico and the Southwestern United States
Current work: Working on a book, "The Wisdom of the Land, the Knowledge of Water."
Name: Mushegh Asatryan
Role/Position: PhD Candidate
Institution: Yale University
Place & Country: USA
Expertise/Interest(s): Medieval Islamic religious and social history. How environmental changes/crises have affected the emergence of religious/sectarian movements.
Current work: Early Shi'ite "extremism"
Name: Dr. Sabina Asins-Velis
Role/Position: Research
Institution: Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas-CSIC
Place & Country: Valencia, Spain
Expertise/Interest(s): Soil and Water Conservation Techniques
Environmental History
Current work: Agricultural terraced landscapes and irrigation techniques
Name: Dr Amina Ather
Role/Position: Director
Institution: Indian Foundation for Rediscovering Traditional Knowledge
Place & Country: Bangalore, India
Expertise/Interest(s): Islamic medicine (Unani medicine)
Current work: Global status of Unani botanicals
Name: Rohandi Aziz
Role/Position: College student
Place & Country: Indonesia
Expertise/Interest(s): I'm interested in the study of Islamic agriculture. It is knowledge from the past years, but still relevant for the future. I hope it will help me to develop agriculture in my own country
Current work: College student
Name: Souad Baghli-Berber
Role/Position: PhD candidate
Institution: Aboubakr Belkaid University, Tlemcen
Place & Country: Tlemcen, Algeria
Expertise/Interest(s): Travel literature; orientalism
Name: Professor Muhammad Adnan Bakhit
Institution: University of Amman
Place & Country: Amman, Jordan
Expertise/Interest(s): Mamluk and Ottoman history of Bilad ash-Sham
Name: Dr Hala Nayel Barakat
Role/Position: Deputy Director
Institution: Center for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage
Place & Country: Giza, Egypt
Expertise/Interest(s): Manuscripts on agriculture; introduction of species to the Arab region over history
Current work: Documenting history of species introductions into Egypt since ancient time; Review update of relevant manuscripts (e.g. 'Description de L'Egypte')
Name: Dr. Martha Bell
Role/Position: Postdoc
Institution: Leiden University
Place & Country: Leiden, Netherlands
Expertise/Interest(s): Spanish agricultural practices in Peru
Current work: Islamic influences on Spanish agricultural practices in Peru
Name: Abdelkader Benali
Role/Position: writer, historian
Place & Country: Amsterdam, Netherlands; Tangier, Morocco.
Expertise/Interest(s): Writer on several subjects concerning food, Andalusian Moroccan Cuisine and Arab botany.
Current work: Preparing a cookbook with a strong focus on historical content. Casa Benali, to be published in Holland and abroad. see:
Name: Daniel Birnstiel
Institution: Cambridge University
Place & Country: Cambridge, UK
Expertise/Interest(s): Arabic language, historical development of Arabic language, Middle Arabic, scholar biographies
Name: Dr. Roberta Borghero
Role/Position: Post-Doctoral Researcher
Institution: University of Cambridge
Place & Country: Cambridge, UK
Expertise/Interest(s): Arabic Language, Semitic Philology, Neo-Aramaic dialects
Name: Arno Brevoort
Place & Country: Cambridge, UK
Name: Dr. Anthony Buccini
Place & Country: Chicago, USA
Expertise/Interest(s): Historical linguistics, sociolinguistics, dialectology (Romance, Germanic, Celtic; Greek; Arabic); food history (esp. Mediterranean and northern European); history of agriculture
Name: Diana Buja
Role/Position: Project Director
Place & Country: Burundi
Expertise/Interest(s): Historical aspects of agriculture in Africa; Arabic technical texts
Name: Dr. Jeremy Cherfas
Place & Country: Rome, Italy
Expertise/Interest(s): Agricultural biodiversity now and in the past.
Current work: Help run a website on agricultural biodiversity, at
Name: Francesco Chiabotti
Role/Position: Contractual Teacher
Institution: University of Provence
Place & Country: France
Expertise/Interest(s): Sufism, Arabic grammar, poetry and literature, history of the Islamic word
Current work: The life and the work of 'Abd al-Karîm al-Qushayrî
Name: Mr. Salahuddin Costa Schreiner
Role/Position: Secretary
Place & Country: Granada, Spain
Expertise/Interest(s): Co-founder of foundation "Instituto Cultural Andalusí", Lanjarón, Granada. Starting project in collaboration with Junta de Andalucía (regional government) of a school for theoretical and practical teaching of traditional rural skills at acquired farm, based on ecology and traditional Andalusian heritage. Founders are members of Sufi Order Tariqa an Naqshibandiya al Haqqaniyya, from where inspiration is coming. We humbly ask for all kind of scientific, institutional and material support.
Current work: After quitting employment by Muslim Federation as regional coordinator, and while preparing this project, I'm looking after my own farm in Ibiza, Spain.
Name: Kilian Abdul Jalil Crespo-Fortó
Place & Country: Besalú - Spain
Name: Alex de Carvalho Alves
Role/Position: Teacher / Researcher
Institution: Abragnose - Brazilian Academy of Gnosis.
Place & Country: Brazil
Expertise/Interest(s): Ancient cultures; Mythology; History of civilizations;
Name: Harun Diraman
Role/Position: Agricultural Engineer, Researcher, Teacher
Institution: Research Institute for Olive Culture
Place & Country: Izmir, Turkey
Expertise/Interest(s): Manuscripts on agriculture; introduction of species to the Arab region over history
Current work: The history of Islamic agriculture;  history of agricultural technology; history of chemistry; history of food technology, esp. flour milling; history of olive oil technology; agricultural manuscripts in Ottoman Empire; agriculture and agricultural technologies in Ottoman State; introduction to Ottoman state of modern agriculture teaching from west
Name: Dr. Arianna D'Ottone Rambach
Role/Position: Researcher of Arabic Language and Literature
Institution: Sapienza - University of Rome
Place & Country: Rome, Italy
Expertise/Interest(s): Manuscripts, al-Andalus, Yemen,
Name: Dr. Hassan Ebeid
Role/Position: Lecturer in Manuscripts Conservation
Institution: Faculty of Archaeology, South Valley University
Place & Country: Egypt
Expertise/Interest(s): My principal research interests lie in the field of conservation, composition and manufacturing techniques of historical materials, and I have a particular expertise and interest in Islamic manuscripts and Islamic book manufacturing.
Current work: I am currently investigating the materials and techniques used in the colouring and preventive protection of mediaeval manuscripts
Name: Shereen Elmitany
Place & Country: Cairo, Egypt
Name: Dr. Saker El Nour
Role/Position: Post-doc
Institution: American University of Beirut
Place & Country: Lebanon
Expertise/Interest(s): Agrarian transformation in MENA region
Current work: Post-doc at research project "palimpsest of agrarian transformations in south Lebanon"
Name: Dr. Dirk Enneking
Role/Position: Teacher
Institution: Department of Education and Children Services
Place & Country: Loxton, South Australia
Expertise/Interest(s): Economic botany / agricultural history / Vicia / Lathyrus / Pisum/ Cicer / Hordeum
Current work: Science and agriculture teacher
Name: Maria Antonia Marti Escayol
Role/Position: Tenured associate professor
Institution: Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona
Place & Country: Barcelona, Spain
Expertise/Interest(s): Gottfried von Franken, Ibn Wafid, Abu Marwan Abd Al-Malik B. Zuhr, Early Modern European Environmental Thought, Identity and Environment, Science Fiction and Environment
Current work: Les fonts del Llibre dels secrets d'agricultura de Miquel Agustí: el MS754 de la Biblioteca de Catalunya i el MS291 de la Bibliothèque Nationale de France
Name: Erica Ferg
Role/Position: PhD candidate
Institution: University of Denver
Place & Country: Colorado, USA
Expertise/Interest(s): Pilgrimage/ziyarat, "sainthood" in Islam, saint veneration within and among Levantine agricultural communities, saint veneration in Iran, Arabic, Persian, Latin.
Current work: Dissertation examining Muslim and Christian veneration of al-Khidr/St. George in Palestine.
Name: Mr. Bernat Ferragut
Role/Position: Designer / Builder
Place & Country: Portneuf, Quebec
Expertise/Interest(s): Permaculture practicant; agriculture history; passionate, al andalus lover.
Name: Prof. Girolamo Fiorentino
Role/Position: Prof.
Institution: University of Salento - Italy
Place & Country: Lecce - Italy
Expertise/Interest(s): History of agriculture, Archaeobotany
Name: Simon Fitzwilliam-Hall
Expertise/Interest(s): Traditional husbandry and land use in North Africa and the Middle East.
Irrigation technology and its diffusion.
Current work: Arabic and Berber hydraulic and irrigation terminology.
The oasis as a man-made ecosystem.
The history and development of qanat technology.
Name: Ms Susan Francia
Role/Position: Researcher
Place & Country: Oxford, England
Expertise/Interest(s): Islamic medicinal gardens, Islamic medical history, comparisons of Islamic and European medical practice
Current work: A historical study of the economic, culinary and medicinal uses of cumin
Name: Dr. Adam Franklin-Lyons
Role/Position: Assistant Professor
Institution: Marlboro College
Place & Country: Vermont, USA
Expertise/Interest(s): Medieval Europe, Spanish Agricultural History, Famines
Current work: Preparing material on the causes and consequences of famines in the 14th century in the Western Mediterranean
Name: Nuri Friedlander
Role/Position: PhD Candidate
Institution: Harvard University
Place & Country: USA
Expertise/Interest(s): The treatment of animals in the Islamic tradition; Islamic law and ethics; Sufism.
Name: Ms Bibi Gaston
Role/Position: Author and landscape architect
Place & Country: USA
Expertise/Interest(s): Northern Morocco / the Rif Mountains
Name: Professor Thomas Glick
Role/Position: Professor of History
Institution: Boston University
Place & Country: Boston, USA
Expertise/Interest(s): Westward diffusion of filaha hindiyya. Irrigation systems.
Current work: Irrigation systems in medieval Spain and colonial and modern New Mexico. Water law.
Name: Ahmet Göksu
Role/Position: Research Assistant
Institution: Istanbul Fatih Sultan Mehmet University
Place & Country: Turkey - Istanbul
Expertise/Interest(s): Biology History of Islam
Name: Dr. Jolanda Guardi
Role/Position: Professor of Arabic Language and Translation
Institution: University of Milan
Place & Country: Italy
Expertise/Interest(s): Andalusian manuscripts
Name: Luigi Guarino
Place & Country: Italy
Expertise/Interest(s): Agrobiodiversity conservation
Name: Amane Hagiwara
Place & Country: France/Algeria/Japan
Expertise/Interest(s): Vines, wine, olive, orange
Name: Ahmed Haj Asaad
Institution: Geo Expertise
Place & Country: Switzerland
Expertise/Interest(s): Mapping, database, statistics
Current work: Project Manager
Name: Hajja Latifah Abd-Hamid Hakimah
Institution: Medina Baye Islamic Ecology & Environmental Learning Centre
Place & Country: USA/West Africa
Expertise/Interest(s): Quran and environmental ethics; whole food nutrition for human development; sustainability as a way of life.
Current work: Involved in developing, from an Islamic perspective, an Ecology and Environmental Learning Center for the youth of USA and West African communities.
Name: Dr. Bink Hallum
Role/Position: Research Fellow, Dept. of Classics and Ancient History
Institution: University of Warwick
Place & Country: Coventry, UK
Expertise/Interest(s): Graeco-Arabic Studies. Arabic reception of Greek Sciences, including Magic and the Occult Sciences (esp. Alchemy and Talismanic Magic)
Current work: Editing and translating Hunayn ibn Ishaq’s translation of Galen's Commentary on the Epidemics of Hippocrates Bk 2. Editing the Arabic translations of the 4th cent. alchemist Zosimos of Panopolis's Epistles to Theosebeia. Editing and translating al-Zarqaili's treatise on the 7 Planetary Magic Squares. Editing Muhammad b. Zakariya al-Razi's Kitab al-A¡awa (?) and assessing the Greek heritage of his alchemical thought.
Name: Prof. Dr. Jaakko Hämeen-Anttila
Role/Position: Professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies
Institution: University of Helsinki
Place & Country: Helsinki, Finland
Expertise/Interest(s): Ibn Wahshiyya; history of science (mainly Sa'id al-Andalusi); Classical Arabic literature
Current work: Sa'id al-Andalusi and his Tabaqat al-umam
Name: Prof. Ridha Hamila
Role/Position: Academic
Institution: Qatar University
Place & Country: Qatar
Expertise/Interest(s): Telecommunications
Name: Salah Hammad
Role/Position: Permaculture Designer/Educator
Institution: Permaculture Research Institute
Place & Country: Australia/Jordan
Expertise/Interest(s): Permaculture and Agro-ecology. Food Production History
Name: Annette Hansen
Role/Position: Independent Researcher
Institution: Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
Place & Country: Groningen, NL
Expertise/Interest(s): Islamic Archaeology, Archaeobotany, Arabic and Ottoman Turkish farming manuals, Agricultural economy in the Mamluk and Ottoman periods
Name: Sadhir Hussain
Place & Country: Dubai, UAE
Name: Farah Issam
Role/Position: Translator
Place & Country: Palestine
Expertise/Interest(s): Freelance translator, student at the Hebrew University Of Jerusalem.
Name: Prof. Abdullah Jaradat
Role/Position: Research Leader & Professor
Institution: USDA-ARS & University of MInnesota
Place & Country: Minnesota, USA
Expertise/Interest(s): Agriculture in West Asia and North Africa (agroecosystems, Plant/crop genetic resources)
Current work: Crops adaptation to global climate change at the phenotypic, macromolecules (protein, oil, starch), macro- and micro-nutrient levels; Phenotyping ecophysiological and nutritional quality traits for accelerated plant breeding; Training graduate students on the above listed topics.
Name: Nancy Jenkins
Role/Position: Writer
Place & Country: Cortona (Arezzo), Italy; Camden, Maine USA
Expertise/Interest(s): Mediterranean food history, Mediterranean culture, olives and olive oil, Italian food history
Current work: Extra-virgin olive oil, a book for consumers, connoisseurs, and farmer-producers
Name: Jett Johansson
Place & Country: Sicily
Expertise/Interest(s): I am interested in the social/economic work that these agronomists developed upon the distribution of resources and also interested in experimenting with Moorish cultivation techniques in Sicily.
Current work: I work with agriculture in Sicily
Name: Rahid Umar Kazi
Role/Position: Farming / MD
Institution: Belgaum Poly Organic
Place & Country: India
Expertise/Interest(s): Organic farming in relation to the sunnah and practices at the time of Prophet (sws)
Current work: Family agricultural inputs business and farming in my native Nipani, Belgaum, India; also working as an agronomist
Name: Sarah Khan
Role/Position: Director
Institution: Tasting Cultures Foundation, Inc.
Place & Country: New York, USA
Expertise/Interest(s): Ethnobotany, biocultural diversity
Name: Sohel Khan
Role/Position: Student
Place & Country: Toronto, Canada
Expertise/Interest(s): History
Current work: History of Islamic Civilization
Name: Sung Kyu Kim
Role/Position: Doctoral researcher
Institution: IDS, University of Sussex
Place & Country: Brighton, United Kingdom
Expertise/Interest(s): agriculture, smallholder farming, crop and livestock production systems, sub-Saharan Africa
Current work: sustainable intensification of agriculture through crop and livestock production systems integration
Name: Kaye Lafond
Role/Position: Student
Institution: Michigan Technological University
Place & Country: Houghton, Michigan
Expertise/Interest(s): Water Resources Engineering; Ecosystem Hydrology; Arabic Language ; Water Diplomacy; Water Resource Management
Current work: Dual degrees in environmental engineering/applied ecology.
Name: Dr. Rachel Laudan
Place & Country: Mexico City, Mexico
Expertise/Interest(s): Global culinary history
Current work: Cuisine and Empire. Cooking in World History. To be published by the University of California Press, 2012
Name: Nellika Little
Place & Country: New York City / Afghanistan / Other
Name: Othman Abd-ar-Rahman Llewellyn
Role/Position: Environmental Planner
Institution: Saudi Wildlife Authority
Place & Country: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Expertise/Interest(s): ecological implications of the ethics of Islam, Islamic environmental law, conservation of wildlands and biodiversity, traditional conservation practices: himas, terraces, aflaj, rainwater harvesting technologies, permaculture, literature on the natural world
Current work: In progress: a monograph on ecological implications of the ethics of Islam; Saudi Arabia's protected area system plan; mapping the bioregions of the Arabian Peninsula. Published: “The Basis for a Discipline of Islamic Environmental Law”; “Requirements for Successful Revival of the Hima”; “Environmental Protection in Islam” (co-author)
Name: Phoebe Luckyn-Malone
Role/Position: PhD Candidate
Institution: University of Cambridge
Place & Country: Cambridge, UK
Name: Samir Mahmoud
Role/Position: PhD Candidate
Institution: University of Cambridge
Place & Country: Cambridge, UK
Name: Ignasi Mangue
Role/Position: Project coordinator at the Foundation Assut
Institution: Assut Foundation
Place & Country: Spain
Expertise/Interest(s): Archaeology waterscapes of Islamic origin- Intangible heritage of water
Current work: coordinator at the Foundation Assut
Name: Richard Masson
Role/Position: Mature student of international agriculture
Institution: Hadlow College, Tonbridge, Kent, UK
Place & Country: Edenbridge, Kent, UK
Expertise/Interest(s): General interest in how agricultural knowledge was spread
Current work: BSc examinations
Name: Dr. Peter Matthews
Role/Position: Associate Professor, Researcher, Teacher
Institution: National Museum of Ethnology
Place & Country: Osaka, Japan
Expertise/Interest(s): Ethnobotany and prehistory; introduction and spread of taro (Colocasia esculenta) in the Mediterranean; History of agriculture in Southeast Asia and the Pacific.
Current work: Wild taro in southern Japan and Southeast Asia. PUBLISHED: 2006 Matthews, P. J., Written records of Taro in the Eastern Mediterranean. In Z. Fusun Ertug (ed.) Proceedings of the Fourth International Congress of Ethnobotany (ICEB 2005), Istanbul-Turkey, 21-26 August 2005, pp.419-426, Yayinlari, Istanbul. Available on request as PDF file
Name: Michela Mazzaro
Role/Position: Student
Place & Country: Italia
Name: Djamel Eddine Mechehed
Role/Position: Codicologist and person in charge of the library
Institution: Library manuscripts Lmuhub Ulahbib
Place & Country: Bejaia, Algeria
Expertise/Interest(s): Valorization of texts in agriculture of our collection
Current work: Codicologist within the research team of learned society GEHIMAB - Béjaia
Name: Professor Outi Merisalo
Role/Position: Professor of Romance philology
Institution: University of Jyväskylä
Place & Country: Jyväskylä, Finland
Expertise/Interest(s): Palaeography, codicology, text editing, transmission history, mediaeval Latin, humanist Latin, Old French, Middle French, history of medicine in the Middle Ages
Current work: Edition of the Ps. Galenic de spermate (
Name: Mohd Dani Muhamad
Institution: Mara University of Technology
Place & Country: Malaysia
Expertise/Interest(s): Islamic building regulations; Environmental Islamic law
Current work: Translating Kitab al-Ilan bi Ahkam al-Bunyan of Ibn al-Rami
Name: Evan Murphy
Institution: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Place & Country: Champaign, IL USA
Expertise/Interest(s): Modern Middle East, Agrarian History, History of Science, World History
Current work: As part of my doctoral dissertation, I am looking at how modern Arab authors during the Nahda interpreted the agricultural revolution in Europe by returning to medieval Arab agricultural texts as a source of scientific authority.
Name: Peter Nahon
Role/Position: Elève archiviste paléographe
Institution: Ecole Nationale des Chartes
Place & Country: Paris, France
Expertise/Interest(s): I am now working on a research thesis being a comparative and diachronic study of texts referring to Ficus carica (L.) in Ancient and Medieval Mediterranean agronomic and botanic literature, taking into my scope Latin treatises, Greek geoponica, as well as texts from the Filāḥa corpus, including particularly Nabatean Agriculture and Ibn-al-Âwwam, considering too Alonso de Herrera and the early Renaissance Italian agriculture works
Name: Harriet Nash
Role/Position: Research
Institution: Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies, Exeter
Place & Country: UK
Expertise/Interest(s): Star use in timing irrigation water; Star lore; Almanacs using stars
Name: Hagit Nol
Role/Position: PhD student
Institution: AAI, Hamburg University
Place & Country: Hamburg, Germany
Expertise/Interest(s): agriculture in Bilad al-Sham in the 8th-9th centuries, agriculture in ‘cities’,manuals, date-palms, archaeological data of Early Islamic agriculture
Name: Khaled Odetallah
Role/Position: researcher
Place & Country: Palestine
Name: Diane O'Donovan
Place & Country: Australia
Expertise/Interest(s): An industrial archaeologist, specialising in iconographic analysis
Current work: Preparing a manuscript for publication
Name: Sara Pozzi
Place & Country: Cairo
Name: Dr. Yossef Rapoport
Role/Position: Lecturer
Institution: Queen Mary University of London
Place & Country: London, UK
Expertise/Interest(s): Social history of medieval Islam; history of Islamic geography
Current work: History of rural society in medieval Egypt: translation and study of History of the Fayyum by Nabulsi (1243 AD).
Name: Dr. Felix Retamero
Role/Position: Lecturer
Institution: Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Place & Country: Catalonia. Spain
Expertise/Interest(s): Irrigation systems in al-Andalus; agriculture and conquest of al-Andalus
Current work: Andalusi agriculture; Morisco agriculture; colonial agricultures
Name: Kristina Richardson
Role/Position: Assistant Professor of Islamic History
Institution: Queens College, The City University of New York
Place & Country: New York, NY, USA
Expertise/Interest(s): Mamluk history
Current work: Editing and analyzing a 16th-century silk weaver/trader's diary
Name: Tucker Robbins
Role/Position: CEO founder
Institution: Tucker Robbins Inc
Place & Country: USA,UAE
Expertise/Interest(s): Gulf culture, Water systems
Current work: Festivals Culture Artisan development for Abu Dhabi
Name: Jason Rogers
Role/Position: PhD student
Institution: Michigan State University
Place & Country: Michigan, USA
Expertise/Interest(s): French/Spanish literature, manuscripts on agriculture, Romance philology, Semitic philology-Arabic linguistics
Current work: PhD studies, working on a handbook for use of historical linguistics in the high school classroom
Name: Eli Rogosa
Role/Position: farmers and researcher
Place & Country: US
Expertise/Interest(s): Al Andalus agriculture, biodiversity conservation of landrace wheat
Current work: Heritage Grain Conservancy:
Name: Nicolas Roth
Role/Position: PhD Student
Institution: Harvard University
Place & Country: Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
Current work: My research focuses on the garden culture and horticultural and agricultural writings of medieval and early modern South Asia. I work primarily in Hindi, Urdu, Persian, and Sanskrit but also have some training in Arabic.
Name: Abeer Mohamed Abd El Salam
Role/Position: Assistant Professor - Spanish Department
Institution: Cairo University
Place & Country: Cairo, Egypt
Expertise/Interest(s): Ex-Cultural Attaché at the Egyptian Embassy in Madrid.
Collaborated in the La Huella Arabe Symposium in Madrid 2008.
Name: Dr. Dana Sajdi
Role/Position: Assistant Professor
Institution: Boston College
Place & Country: Chestnut Hill, MA - USA
Expertise/Interest(s): Ottoman history, Arabic historiography, urban topography.
Current work: Working Titles: 1) The Barber of Damascus: Nouveau Literacy in the 18th-Century Ottoman Levant. 2) Possessing the City: Damascus from Ibn `Asakir to Muhammad Kurd Ali. 3) Imagined in the Image of the Other: Narrations of Damascus and Istanbul.
Name: Summer Satushek
Role/Position: Student
Place & Country: United Stated of America
Expertise/Interest(s): Desert reclamation, local food distribution, organic farming
Name: PD Dr. Carlo Scardino
Role/Position: Researcher
Institution: Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
Place & Country: Freiburg , Germany
Expertise/Interest(s): Classics, islamic sciences, working on graeco-arabistic
Current work: The influence of arabic translations of late antique Greek farming works on Arabic Filāḥa Texts. Preparation of critical editions of these works
Name: Hüseyin Sen
Role/Position: Phd candidate
Institution: Utrecht University
Place & Country: Utrecht, The Netherlands
Expertise/Interest(s): History of Arabic Science & Technology
Current work: An intellectual biography of the 16th Century Ottoman Scholar Taqi al-Din ibn Ma'ruf (d.1585)
Name: Dr. Adi Setia
Role/Position: Assistant Professor
Institution: International Islamic University, Malaysia
Place & Country: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Expertise/Interest(s): History & Philosophy of Islamic Science, Kalam Physical Theory
Current work: Translation of Ja'far al-Dimashqi, Kitab al-Isharah ila Mahasin al-Tijarah, into English; and other translations of classical Arabic texts on science, kalam and economics.
Name: Dr. Ido Shahar
Role/Position: Post-Doctoral researcher
Institution: Queen Mary University of London
Place & Country: UK
Expertise/Interest(s): Medieval Islamic rural societies, Islamic law, Anthropology of law
Current work: Together with Dr. Yossef Rapoport - a translation and analysis of 'Kitab Ta'arikh al-Fayyum' by Abu 'Uthman al-Nabulusi.
Name: Dr Miri Shefer
Role/Position: Senior Lecturer
Institution: Tel Aviv University
Place & Country: Tel Aviv, Israel
Expertise/Interest(s): Ottoman environment, cultural perceptions of nature and everyday material realities thereof, early modern period, Turkish- and Arabic-speaking societies
Name: Roman Shtefura
Role/Position: student
Institution: RSUH (Institute of Oriental Cultures and Antiquity)
Place & Country: Moscow, Russia
Expertise/Interest(s): Arabic, Yemen history, Manuscripts, Turkish history language and culture
Current work: Graduation work on manuscript of al-Malik al-Afdal and Rasulid dynasty of Yemen
Name: Branden Staub
Role/Position: Eco-Agronomist
Place & Country: Lower Midwest, U.S
Expertise/Interest(s): Small-scale agriculture, soil ecology, sustainable agricultural systems, Tree-based systems: e.g. silviculture, silvipasture.
Current work: Rural sustainable agriculture development and education.
Name: Hud Sulaiman
Role/Position: Chairman
Institution: Malaysian Institute of Sustainable Agriculture
Place & Country: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Expertise/Interest(s): sustainable farming
Current work: community development program on natural sustainable farming in Malaysia
Name: Tanfidz Syuriansyah
Role/Position: Volunteers
Place & Country: Bandung, Indonesia
Expertise/Interest(s): Islamic Agriculture, Food Safety & Security
Current work: Admin at
Name: Himmet Taskomour
Institution: Harvard University
Place & Country: USA
Name: Dr. Omar Imseeh Tesdell
Place & Country: Minnesota
Name: Fatma Tounsi
Role/Position: Master student of Biochemistry
Place & Country: Copenhagen, Denmark
Expertise/Interest(s): I am interested in the history of the Arabic language and how it developed through time, specifically in its state of diglossia and how it came about. I am also interested in illustrated Arabic manuscripts, both literary and scientific.
Current work: I am currently working on my master project, a biophysics project on anesthetics.
Name: Abderrezak Trouzine
Role/Position: Student
Place & Country: Tlemcen, Algeria
Name: Christiane Truelove
Role/Position: Researcher
Place & Country: Pennsylvania, United States
Expertise/Interest(s): Specifically the ways certain crops were cultivated in Sicily during the Arab period. Making connections with Sicilian foodways today.
Name: Dr. Daniel Martin Varisco
Role/Position: Professor of Anthropology
Institution: Hofstra University
Place & Country: New York, USA
Expertise/Interest(s): Yemen agriculture (Islamic era, especially the Rasulid era); history of Arabic agricultural texts; time-keeping and Arab folk astronomy of seasons; ethnography of Arab agriculture.
Current work: Finishing translation of the Rasulid agricultural treatise of al-Malik al-Ashraf ‘Umar (Milh al-malaha fī ma‘rifat al-filaha) as part of a major study of Rasulid agriculture in Yemen.
Name: Professor Bethany Walker
Role/Position: Associate Professor of Middle Eastern History
Institution: Missouri State University
Place & Country: Springfield, Missouri - USA
Expertise/Interest(s): Mamluk Jordan, Islamic archaeology, environmental history of late medieval Islam.
Current work: Human migration in late medieval Bilad al-Sham, environmental and agricultural history of the same.
Name: Professor Andrew Watson
Role/Position: Professor Emeritus of Economics
Institution: University of Toronto
Place & Country: Toronto, Canada
Expertise/Interest(s): Agricultural history of Islamic world
Name: Clifford Wright
Role/Position: Cookbook author and food writer
Place & Country: Santa Monica, CA USA
Expertise/Interest(s): Mediterranean culinary and food history
Current work: Provincial Italian cuisine; Italian culinary patrimony
Name: Luke Yarborough
Role/Position: PhD candidate
Institution: Princeton University
Place & Country: Princeton, NJ, USA
Expertise/Interest(s): Islamics
Current work: Dissertation examining early discourses of opposition to the employment of non-Muslims by Islamic states.
Name: Dr. Syed Rehan Zaidi
Role/Position: Naturopathic doctor
Institution: Malacca College of Naturopathic Medicine
Place & Country: Canada / Malaysia
Expertise/Interest(s): Islamic/Prophetic Medicine, Herbal/Botanical Medicine, Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy
Current work: Lecturer
Name: Dr. Juan Zozaya
Role/Position: Retired Museum Curator
Place & Country: Almagro, Spain
Expertise/Interest(s): Andalousi archaeology, Mediterranean relations, land settlement, cultural relations
Current work: Ceramics, metalwork, military architecture, army structure